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How long do I have to book my Celebrant in advance?

You have between 18 months before and no longer than 1 calendar month before your wedding date, to give this notice to your celebrant. The earlier the better!! The celebrant will be given notice by way of a legal form called a Notice of Intended Marriage (Form 13)  which can be downloaded on the Attorney General’s website. This form is usually given out by the Celebrant at the initial meeting.

What happens if I don’t give enough notice of my intention to get married?

You must hand in the Notice of Intended Marriage Form to your Authorised Marriage Celebrant, no later than 1 calendar month before your ceremony. If you do not give this notice in that time period, the Authorised Marriage Celebrant cannot by law, perform your ceremony on the date that you have set.

What happens if the Celebrant is sick on the day of the ceremony or is injured on the way to the ceremony or doesn’t turn up?

Your celebrant will always have a plan in place regarding the day of the ceremony. They will have discussed the best suitable plans with you during your meeting times to go over details.

How do I know if my Celebrant is registered?

All Registered Authorised Civil Marriage Celebrants will be listed  on the Attorney General’s Website.

If you are unsure if your Authorised Marriage Celebrant is registered, ask for your Celebrant to show you the documentation to support this, or go to the Attorney General’s website for clarification.

Where can I find a copy of the Marriage Act?

You will find a copy of the Marriage Act 1961 along with the Marriage Regulations 1963 on the Attorney General’s website.

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